Tales from the Attic What Attracts Squirrels To Attics

Tales from the Attic – What Attracts Squirrels To Attics

In the midst of the ebb and flow of daily life, your attic is an oasis of tranquilly and peace. Yet, a complex interplay of factors frequently draws inquisitive visitors to this elevated sanctuary. Due to their boundless energy and propensity for investigation, squirrels find attics alluring. Understanding what attracts squirrels to attics provides insight into their behaviour and illuminates effective prevention strategies.

Protection from the Storm

With their protected niches and crannies, attics offer squirrels protection from the elements. Whether it’s the sweltering heat of summer or the bone-chilling cold of winter, attics provide a climate-controlled refuge from extreme weather. Squirrels seeking refuge from the rigours of nature are enticed by the allure of a comfortable and safe home.

Nesting Possibilities

Squirrels are meticulous nest builders, and attics are an ideal location for their nests. These resourceful creatures construct nests from twigs, leaves, and other materials to defend their young from predators. During their breeding seasons, squirrels find an attic’s sequestered, away-from-ground-level-threats environment to be an attractive place to nest.

Ample Food Resources

In the urban wilderness, where squirrels and humans coexist, attics serve as enticing food sources. Squirrels are opportunistic scavengers, and the remnants of human activities, such as stowed food items and crumbs, can unwittingly become a buffet for these agile animals. Squirrels in quest of a quick meal are attracted to attics reeking of potential food sources.

Investigative Instincts

Curiosity is innate to the squirrel’s mind. Their exploratory instincts are awoken by attics, which are frequently uncharted territories for them. Squirrels are adept climbers, and accessing attics through gaps, ducts, or weakened structures presents an enticing obstacle. Once inside, the labyrinthine configuration of the attic becomes a playground for their unquenchable curiosity.

Safe places for raising children

Squirrels’ life cycle revolves around raising their offspring. Protected from ground-level hazards and potential predators, attics provide a safe environment for mother squirrels to raise their young. The ability to monitor their surroundings and ensure the safety of their young increases their allure to attics.

Premium Real Estate

Attics are ideal real estate for the establishment of squirrel territories. Attics provide squirrels with a strategic vantage point from which to survey their environment, identify potential threats, and defend their newly acquired territory. This territorial instinct, coupled with the protected and elevated nature of attics, makes them irresistible to rodents vying for dominance.

Adopting Preventive Actions


Understanding what draws rodents into attics is the first step in implementing an effective prevention strategy. By addressing these factors, you can reduce your attic’s appeal and fortify it against intrusive guests. To prevent squirrel access, routinely inspect and seal potential entry points, such as openings and vents. Reduce the allure of attics as foraging grounds by keeping them spotless and devoid of food. Utilizing deterrents such as motion-activated lights and ultrasonic devices can prevent rodents from entering your attic.


Squirrels discover a world of intrigue and opportunity in the attic tales. These inquisitive creatures are drawn to your home’s upper levels by the promise of shelter, sustenance, and safety. By investigating the reasons for their attic excursions and proactively resolving these factors, it is possible to coexist peacefully with nature’s curious neighbours. As you fortify your attic against their incursions, you ensure that your home will remain a sanctuary where human and squirrel realms cohabitate in harmony.

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